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Although this account is quite new, I've actually been on the site for years. Check out my amateur digital art while I play all the flash games I used to know from the early 2000s. Feel free to message me if ya want. No need for formalities. (He/Him)

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I'm Doing Something Big!

Posted by RoyalBlueXIII - July 19th, 2021

So I hinted to a little something involving multiple artist on my twitter a while back and I feel like now is a good time to finally reveal it.

After taking a much needed break, I slowly worked up the energy to draw again. In fact, I have decided to make a spur of the moment decision at 3am one night to try to collab with as many artists I know. This will include several art trades and fan arts of artists I am either friends with or artists I simply look up to or follow.

There are many people I want to work with and some I have already arranged things with (in fact I have one that is basically finished). But to avoid overworking myself, I'm going to try to do these collabs in phases. Essentially, I have a list of names and I will work with a couple people at a time to avoid burnout and stress.

So if your one of my mutuals on any of my accounts and I haven't asked you and you're interested, you might be on that list for the future and I just haven't ask you yet (but feel free to dm about it if you would like).

I might even extend this to requests from anyone for a limited amount of time depending on how I feel about the final product once I'm through my list.

In brief, thanks for the continued support and look forward to what I've got in store. Make sure to check everything I and my friends involved in this put out.




Son of a gun, been a while since we've interacted, huh? Was wondering how you were doin'.
Anyhow, feel free to hit me up!

Yeah, long time no talk. I would like to work together again once I've got things more sorted out.